Lux::Engine Class Reference

#include <engine.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Engine (Config::Document &doc_config)
 ~Engine ()
bool open (std::string dir, db_flags_t oflags)
bool close (void)

Public Attributes

bool is_opened
db_flags_t oflags_
std::tr1::shared_ptr< EngineImplpimpl_

Detailed Description

database engine interface

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Lux::Engine::Engine ( Config::Document doc_config  ) 


doc_config Reference to Config::Document

Lux::Engine::~Engine (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

bool Lux::Engine::close ( void   ) 

close a database

bool Lux::Engine::open ( std::string  dir,
db_flags_t  oflags 

open a database

dir directory which the database exists
oflags open flag

Member Data Documentation

bool Lux::Engine::is_opened

flag if the database is open or not

db_flags_t Lux::Engine::oflags_

open flag

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